yaboH5Project Euclid provides resources for librarians to help library administrators navigate Project Euclid,access COUNTER-compliantusage statisticsand assist with ordering andaccess management.This section also includes guides and tutorials to assist patrons with research.

yaboH5Project Euclid offers access to a growing platform of high-quality,peer-reviewedjournals,monographs,and conference proceedingsin the field of theoretical and applied mathematics and statistics.Access to content on yaboH5Project Euclid is available under several distribution model options:

Euclid Prime Collection

A collection of selected titles available via subscription from yaboH5Project Euclid.

Direct from publisher

Individual titles whose access is controlled by publishers.yaboH5Project Euclid hosts these titles,and subscription access to them must be ordered from their publishers directly.

Open access

Titles with no access restrictions.

MSP on Euclid Collection

A collection of the same journals published and sold as a bundle by MSP (Mathematical Sciences Publishers) but now enhanced by the functionality of the yaboH5Project Euclid platform.

At this time,subscription access to all content on yaboH5Project Euclid as a single purchase is not available.The access options vary by publication and are determined by the participating publishers.For more information,please seeCollections,titles,and ordering.

For further assistance,pleasecontact yaboH5Project Euclid.

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