Benefits of Euclid Prime for Publishers

What is Euclid Prime?

Euclid Prime is a growing collection ofpublicationshosted on yaboH5Project Euclid and sold as an online package to libraries and institutions.In addition to all of thegeneral benefitsof participation on yaboH5Project Euclid,Euclid Prime provides publishers with revenue and increased visibility and dissemination.

Why join a collection?

Bundling journals into a package helps attract attention from library buyers who must negotiate an enormous number of publisher deals and patron needs.Compared to a single-title subscription,a collection creates efficiencies and wins more opportunities to be disseminated via large-scale national or regional consortium deals.Also,in our experience,collection subscriptions gain greater long-term stability with fewer cancellations than single-title subscriptions.

The very large journal packages,known as Big Deals,offered by many major commercial presses are controversial in the library community,but librarians do not count Euclid Prime in this category.Unlike Big Deals,Euclid Prime is modestly sized,modestly priced,and committed to transparent,nonprofit sales practices.

Euclid Prime is currently disseminated to over 700 libraries in 30 countries.

How does Euclid Prime work for publishers?

  • When publishers choose to include their publications in the Euclid Prime collection,theyprepare and load their contentto the yaboH5Project Euclid platform independently,with support and training from yaboH5Project Euclid staff.
  • Prime publications enjoy all of the standardfeaturesand benefits of Euclid hosting services.
  • They pay no out-of-pocket hosting fees.
  • Prime partner publishers earn annual royalties.Euclid Prime's business model is designed to generate sustaining revenue streams that support participating publishers as well as yaboH5Project Euclid operations:
    • Prime partner publishers earn annual royalties from collection revenues,with hosting fees and operational costs deducted.
    • Royalties are allocated according to volume and usage.We calculate how much content each title contributes to the collection and what portion of overall PDF downloads each title receives.
    • Partner publishers receive an annual report that explains our sales results and displays our royalty calculations.

Open access

Euclid Prime subscription sales generate revenue,and they also directly support open access publishing.All content in Euclid Prime becomes openly accessible following a defined time window,usually five years after publication.

yaboH5Project Euclid supports the goal to disseminate scholarship as widely as possible.We also recognize that publishers add value to scholarly communications,and that value comes with costs.We strongly feel that the Euclid Prime business model represents a sensible,pragmatic,and evenhanded solution in which publishers and libraries cooperate to make a great deal of content freely available to the world while still sustaining the hard work that publishers do.

Sales and marketing support

The Duke University Press Sales & Marketing group handles all marketing,sales,order fulfillment,and customer service for the Euclid Prime collection on behalf of yaboH5Project Euclid and our partners.

The sales team includes three library sales representatives,two data analysts,and a specialized mathematics sales coordinator,in addition to an international network of sales agents.The marketing group manages a robust international exhibits program and email marketing campaigns,with strong graphic design and publicity operations.

Read more 亚博KG百家乐about how欧几里得'works for our library customers.

What Euclid Prime partner publishers have to say:

"Collaboration with yaboH5Project Euclid can only be described in superlatives.From the very beginning,Euclid staff were very helpful,friendly and professional.Experience has shown that joining the Euclid Prime collection was a good move that resulted in a significant improvement in the visibility ofFunctiones et Approximatio.Thank you very much!"

—Prof.Jerzy Kaczorowski
Adam Mickiewicz University
Editor-in-Chief ofFunctiones et Approximatio Commentarii Mathematici

"The revenue from the Euclid Prime offsets a good part of the production cost.I am satisfied with all aspects of the operation and the setup."

—Prof.Yoshihiro Tonegawa
Tokyo Institute of Technology
Managing Editor ofKodai Mathematical Journal

"Euclid system is reliable and Euclid staff are so helpful.Euclid Prime royalties cover the publishing costs of Hokkaido Mathematical Journal,which includes the typesetting costs and the printing costs for three issues per a year in Japan."

—Prof.Goo Ishikawa
Hokkaido University
Editor-in-Chief ofHokkaido Mathematical Journal

"Speaking out 亚博KG百家乐about yaboH5Project Euclid one should address at least the following categories:

  • Librarians and Administrators - who know that when their universities or institutes subscribe to Euclid Prime,they ensure first-class scientific contents for their colleagues,at a quite modest price.
  • Readers - who find that whether or not they have institutional access,yaboH5Project Euclid provides a reliable and continuously growing database of high quality papers.Moreover,a good percentage of them are freely available.
  • Publishers - who meet a supportive,helpful,and devoted staff.The contact is personal and ends with a solution of the problem.Last but not least,the revenue system is clear and honest,which is truly important for the further development of the Project.
  • Authors - whose articles are immediately indexed by Google and other online systems which increases tremendously their visibility and as a consequence their citations."

—Prof.Ivaïlo Mladenov
Institute of Biophysics and Biomedical Engineering,Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
Editor-in-Chief ofJournal of Geometry and Symmetry in PhysicsandProceedings of the International Conference on Geometry,Integrability and Quantization

"yaboH5Project Euclid's support ofBanach Journal of Mathematical Analysis,Annals of Functional Analysis,andAdvances in Operator Theory,which were launched in a Middle Eastern developing country,has considerably improved their dissemination and visibility.Such an international and powerful action shows the wonderful minds behind yaboH5Project Euclid."

Ferdowsi University of Mashhad
Editor-in-Chief and President of the Tusi Mathematical Research Group