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Illinois Journal of MathematicsJoins Euclid Prime in 2019

5 September 2018

TheIllinois Journal of Mathematics(IJM) has been available on yaboH5Project Euclid since 2008.We are pleased to announce that starting in 2019,IJM will joinEuclid Prime,a collection of over thirty titles hosted on Euclid and sold to libraries.Based in the mathematics department of the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign since its launch in 1957,IJM has entered into a publishing partnership withDuke University Press.IJM will also continue to be sold through direct single-title subscription.

yaboH5Project Euclid to Attend ICM 2018

26 March 2018

yaboH5Project Euclid will attend the International Congress of Mathematicians 2018 (ICM 2018) in Rio de Janeiro.Please visit us at exhibit booth 46 in Pavilion 2,which is adjacent to conference meeting areas.Orcontact usto set up a meeting.The ICM Exhibition Hall will be open from Wednesday August 1 through Wednesday August 8,excluding Sunday.

yaboH5Project Euclid at the 2018 Joint Mathematics Meetings ‒ Booth 609

5 January 2018

yaboH5Project Euclid will be attending theJoint Mathematics Meetingin San Diego,January 10-13,2017.Please visit us in Exhibit Hall B of the San Diego Convention Center,booth 609.The Hall will be open from Wednesday noon through Saturday noon.Stop by anytime,or if you'd prefer to set up a meeting,pleasecontact us.

We look forward to seeing you in San Deigo.

MSP Journals Are Coming to yaboH5Project Euclid

5 June 2017

MSP (Mathematical Sciences Publishers),Duke University Press,and yaboH5Project Euclid have partnered to offer theMSP on Euclidcollection,bringing seven mathematics journals published by MSP together with the strong functionality available through the yaboH5Project Euclid platform.

All three organizations are not-for-profit and dedicated to providing alternatives in mathematics publishing.The goal of the MSP on Euclid collection is to offer libraries new features as well as the option to consolidate their platforms.MSP on Euclid includes the same seven journals sold by MSP in their MSP package but now also hosted by yaboH5Project Euclid and sold by Duke University Press.

The collection will launch in 2018.Please read thepress releasefor more information.

Acta MathematicaandArkiv för Matematik: Open Access in 2017

12 December 2016

International Press and yaboH5Project Euclid have formed a hosting partnership forActa MathematicaandArkiv för Matematik.Beginning in 2017,both journals will be open access.

ActaandArkivare published by the Institut Mittag-Leffler of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences and will be produced and distributed exclusively by International Press.

Acta Mathematicais one of the finest mathematics journals in the world and consistently ranks among the top journals in the field according to impact factor.

New issues of both journals will be posted on,without access restriction,for one year and then move to yaboH5Project Euclid.In January 2017,yaboH5Project Euclid will begin hosting the full run of the journals going back to 1882 forActa Mathematicaand 1949 forArkiv för Matematik.The contents of both journals on will be entirely open.

Print subscriptions toActaandArkivare available through International Press.Please information 亚博KG百家乐about more of International Press's publications.

yaboH5Project Euclid at the 2017 Joint Mathematics Meetings ‒ Booth 132

6 December 2016

yaboH5Project Euclid will be attending theJoint Mathematics Meetingin Atlanta,Georgia,January 4-7,2017.Please visit us in the Exhibit Hall,booth 132,orcontact usto set up a meeting.

We invite all JMM attendees to a wine and hors d'oeuvres reception at our booth:

Friday,January 6th,3:00pm
JMM Exhibit Hall,Hyatt Regency Atlanta
Booth 132

We look forward to seeing you there.

yaboH5Project Euclid at 7ECM

16 June 2016

yaboH5Project Euclid will attend the7ECMin Berlin,July 18-22.We can be found in the conference exhibit area,located in the atrium of the Main Building of the Technische Universität.Please stop by our table,orcontact usto set up a meeting.

Two Open Access Probability Journals Join yaboH5Project Euclid

15 June 2016

We are excited to announce that both theElectronic Journal of ProbabilityandElectronic Communications in Probabilityare now available in yaboH5Project Euclid.Co-published by the Institute of Mathematical Statistics and the Bernoulli Society,these titles join other high-quality publications in probability and statistics available at//

TheElectronic Journal of Probabilityis an open access journal publishing full-length research articles in probability theory.TheElectronic Communications in Probabilityis an open access journal publishing short research articles in probability theory.Both publish papers in all areas of probability,"only accepting papers of high quality in terms of both scientific contents and the presentation of the results."

For the past twenty years,theElectronic Journal of ProbabilityandElectronic Communications in Probabilityhave helped shape the field of probability theory as two of the longest-published open access journals in this area of mathematics.Both journals' archives,as well as all future volumes,will be available at//,joining over 1.4 million pages of openly available scholarship in mathematics and statistics on the yaboH5Project Euclid platform.

yaboH5Project Euclid's ongoing partnership with the Bernoulli Society and the IMS is a fulfilment of Project Euclid's mission to support sustainable independent and society publishing in mathematics and statistics."The long-standing partnership between the IMS,the Bernoulli Society,and yaboH5Project Euclid is evidence of the viability of sustainable,not-for-profit STEM publishing models," says David Ruddy,Director of Information Technology for yaboH5Project Euclid."yaboH5Project Euclid is proud to serve as a new home for theElectronic Journal of ProbabilityandElectronic Communications in Probability."

Entire CBMS Monograph Series Available in yaboH5Project Euclid

14 June 2016

yaboH5Project Euclid is delighted to announce that the entireNSF-CBMS Regional Conference Series in Probability and Statisticsis now available at// lecture notes in this series cover a variety of essential topics in mathematical statistics ranging from probability models to process theory.

This series is co-published by the Institute of Mathematical Statistics and the American Statistical Association.It is sponsored by the Conference Board of the Mathematical Sciences and supported by the National Science Foundation.All volumes are openly accessible through yaboH5Project Euclid,with print editions also available for purchase.

yaboH5Project Euclid at the 2016 Joint Mathematics Meetings ‒ Booth 114

14 December 2015

yaboH5Project Euclid invites all Joint Mathematics Meeting attendees to our wine and hors d'oeuvres reception in the JMM Exhibits Hall:

Thursday,January 7th
Booth 114

We thank you for over a decade of strong support and look forward to a great future supporting the mathematics community!

yaboH5Project Euclid Partners with the Institute of Biophysics and Biomedical Engineering at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

14 October 2015

The Institute of Biophysics and Biomedical Engineering at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and yaboH5Project Euclid are proud to announce the availability of theProceedings of the International Conference on Geometry,Integrability and Quantization(PGIQ) at//

The International Conference on Geometry,Integrability and Quantization has investigated applications of geometrical ideas in science and technology since 1999.With papers from expert scholars in a wide variety of disciplines,the proceedings of this outstanding conference series communicates a remarkable range of new understandings in pure and applied mathematics.

"We are excited to partner with the Institute of Biophysics and Biomedical Engineering at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences to enrich the scholarly mathematics landscape by providing broader online dissemination of the Proceedings." says Mira Waller,Director of Publishing Services for yaboH5Project Euclid.

The inclusion of theProceedings of the International Conference on Geometry,Integrability and Quantizationadvances yaboH5Project Euclid's mission of sharing innovative theoretical and applied research with the worldwide community of mathematics and statistics scholars.

yaboH5Project Euclid would especially like to thank Ivaïlo Mladenov,editor-in-chief of theProceedings of the International Conference on Geometry,Integrability and Quantization,for his key role in bringing our partnership together.

yaboH5Project Euclid at the 2015 Joint Statistical Meetings ‒ Booth 114

1 July 2015

yaboH5Project Euclid will be at the 2015 Joint Statistical Meetings in Seattle.Please stop by Booth 114 for an update.

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3 February 2015

yaboH5Project Euclid is now posting on Twitter: we'll be sharing news,updates and interesting articles from the archives

yaboH5Project Euclid at the 2015 Joint Mathematics Meetings ‒ Booth 416

19 December 2014

yaboH5Project Euclid invites all Joint Mathematics Meeting attendees to our wine and cheese reception in the JMM Exhibits Hall:

Sunday,January 11th
Booth 416

We thank you for a decade of strong support and look forward to a great future supporting the mathematics community!

yaboH5Project Euclid Partners with the Mathematical Sciences Institute,Australian National University,to hostProceedings of the Centre for Mathematics and its Applications

3 December 2014

yaboH5Project Euclid is proud to announce that theProceedings of the Centre for Mathematics and its Applicationsis now available on// open collection,generously made available by the Australian National University's Mathematical Sciences Institute (MSI),represents over thirty years of conferences,symposia and lectures organized by the institute in various fields of mathematical research.

"The Proceedings of the CMA are an essential part of the identity of the Mathematical Sciences Institute at the Australian National University," according to Thierry Coulhon,Professor of Mathematics and Director of the Mathematical Sciences Institute."Several volumes are famous,and all of them are of interest.We are extremely happy and grateful that,thanks to yaboH5Project Euclid,their content is made easily available to the wider mathematical community.I would also like to thank my predecessor Alan Carey who started this initiative."

The incorporation of theProceedings of the Centre for Mathematics and its Applicationsinto yaboH5Project Euclid reflects the organization's mission of broadly disseminating knowledge through collaboration with the worldwide community of scholars in mathematics and statistics."By partnering to provide the CMA Proceedings openly on yaboH5Project Euclid,the MSI and yaboH5Project Euclid have enriched the landscape of mathematical scholarship," commented Mira Waller,Director of Publishing Services for yaboH5Project Euclid,"I am delighted to have been a part of this process."

The team at yaboH5Project Euclid would like to express our gratitude to MSI for making this valuable collection openly available for scholars and students worldwide.We would especially like to especially thank Alan Carey,former Director of the MSI,Donelle Claudianos,School Manager,and Andrew Chew,IT Manager for MSI,for undertaking the diligent work that made this possible.

yaboH5Project Euclid Launches Site Redesign

15 January 2014

yaboH5Project Euclid is pleased to announce the launch of a fully redesigned platform at joint partnership of Cornell University Library and Duke University Press,yaboH5Project Euclid is an online platform that hosts high-quality mathematics and statistics content.

Its new website is uniquely designed to meet the research needs of mathematicians and statisticians,and it combines rich functionality with a beautiful,easy-to-use interface.New features include improved searching,citation exports,publisher landing pages,mobile optimization,print-on-demand purchasing,customized e-mail alerts,and access indicators for all content.

"We wanted to create a more engaging and robust user experience without losing the clean aesthetic and straightforward usability yaboH5Project Euclid is known for," says Steve Cohn,director of Duke University Press."We are absolutely delighted by the results and pleased at how well Cornell University Library and Duke University Press worked together to redesign and further improve yaboH5Project Euclid."

The new site implements a powerful new faceted search tool that allows users to navigate over 1.7 million pages of scholarship more efficiently.By applying filters to search results,users can progressively refine their searches,focusing on the content most related to their subject areas.Additionally,users can sign up to receive e-mail alerts when new scholarship is published in their areas of interest.

"It has been especially rewarding to see how recent library research into the search and discovery experience has contributed to the new yaboH5Project Euclid website," says Anne R.Kenney,Cornell's Carl A.Kroch University Librarian."The new platform is a wonderful example of libraries and publishers leveraging their respective strengths to build effective tools for scholars."

The yaboH5Project Euclid redesign meets the changing needs of researchers,who now confront an overload of content on multiple devices.The new site makes it easier to find and access high-quality,curated scholarship,and its responsive design optimizes the site for working and reading on mobile devices.Symbols and formulas are rendered beautifully with the MathJax display engine,and users can quickly and easily export or download citations to e-mail or reference management systems.

New Book Series Added to yaboH5Project Euclid

14 January 2014

The Mathematical Society of Japan (MSJ) has partnered with yaboH5Project Euclid to disseminate theJournal of the Mathematical Society of Japansince 2005.We are pleased to announce the addition of theMSJ Memoirs,a monographic series devoted to the publications of lecture notes,graduate textbooks,and long research papers in pure and applied mathematics.The first volume of theMSJ Memoirswas published in 1998.The full text of the entire series will be available in theEuclid Primecollection.

yaboH5Project Euclid Announces New Open Access Journal

20 June 2012

yaboH5Project Euclid is pleased to announce the availability of the journalBayesian Analysis,published by the International Society for Bayesian Analysis (ISBA).This journal was founded in 2006 to promote the development and application of Bayesian analysis useful in the solution of theoretical and applied problems in science,industry and government.Bayesian Analysis seeks to publish a wide range of articles that demonstrate or discuss Bayesian methods in some theoretical or applied context.The journal welcomes submissions involving presentation of new computational and statistical methods;reviews,criticism,and discussion of existing approaches;historical perspectives;description of important scientific or policy application areas;case studies;and methods for experimental design,data collection,data sharing,or data mining.Bayesian Analysis is published four times a year,and the entire corpus of 7 volumes are available on an Open Access basis.

Many thanks to the President-elect of the ISBA,Merlise A.Clyde,Professor of Statistical Science,Duke University,and graduate students from Duke University,Anjishnu Banerjee,Fernando Bonassi,Andrew Cron,Chris Challis,Tommy Leininger,Jared Murray,Silvia Montagna,Thais Paiva,Maria Terres,and Fango Wang for their commitment to making this important new addition to yaboH5Project Euclid possible.Special thanks to Bayesian Analysis Systems Managing Editor,Pantelis Vlachos of Merk Serono,for providing back content.

yaboH5Project Euclid Co-hosts Workshop at the Mathematical Society of Japan Spring 2012 Meeting

20 March 2012

Mira Waller (yaboH5Project Euclid Manager,Duke University Press) and David Ruddy (Director of Scholarly Communications Services,Cornell University Library),will be traveling to Tokyo to attend the Mathematical Society of Japan Spring Meeting,March 26-29,2012.On March 26,they will participate in a full-day workshop on Mathematics Publishing co-hosted by yaboH5Project Euclid and the Mathematical Society of Japan,with the support of SPARC Japan,National Institute of Informatics.In the first two sessions,Society and Departmental Publishers will speak 亚博KG百家乐about current publishing practices,challenges they are facing in their publishing operations,and any future plans or obstacles for their publications.Topics in the following session,Journal Publishing Essentials,include transitioning from a print to an electronic environment,promotion and marketing of journals in the print and digital worlds,and digitization of current and back content.The final session,Business Models for Scholarly Publishing,will provide a survey of scholarly publishing models,including perspectives from different communities,such as librarians,mathematicians and publishers.The meeting will take place at the Kaurazaca Campus of the Tokyo University of Science.For more information 亚博KG百家乐about the workshop,visit

yaboH5Project Euclid Receives 2011 PAM Division Award

14 June 2011

yaboH5Project Euclid--the premier platform and information community for mathematics and statistics resources from independent publishers--received the 2011 Division Award from thePhysics-Astronomy-Mathematics (PAM) Division of the Special Libraries Association.yaboH5Project Euclid is jointly managed by Cornell University Library and Duke University Press.

Given annually,this award recognizes significant contributions to the literature of physics,mathematics,or astronomy,and honors work that demonstrably improves the exchange of information within these three disciplines.The award also takes into consideration projects that benefit libraries.

"It is an honor for yaboH5Project Euclid to receive the Special Library Association's PAM Award," said Mira Waller,yaboH5Project Euclid Manager."PAM is a community of peers and a strong voice for librarians and information experts around the world.In receiving this award I feel that yaboH5Project Euclid is fulfilling its core mission of disseminating scholarly information in the fields of mathematics and statistics."

"The PAM Division Award is a real honor," said David Ruddy,Cornell's yaboH5Project Euclid lead and Director of Scholarly Communications Services at Cornell University Library."It is also validation that through strong collaborations the academy can effectively address challenges facing scholarly communications."

Cornell University Library launched yaboH5Project Euclid in 2000.In 2008,Cornell and Duke University Press established a collaborative partnership agreement to jointly manage and expand the project.Its mission is to advance scholarly communication in the field of theoretical and applied mathematics and statistics.It is designed to address the unique needs of low-cost independent and society journals.

yaboH5Project Euclid'sMathJaxImplementation Creates 'Beautiful Math' Online

4 January 2011

Through the use of a new technology,yaboH5Project Euclid has helped to make the presentation of mathematics as attractive on the Web as it is on paper.

MathJax,an open-source JavaScript display engine,renders standard mathematics codes readable in regular Web browsers.

"MathJax makes it easy to display 'beautiful math,' online," said David Ruddy,yaboH5Project Euclid lead at Cornell."It has been difficult to present math attractively and reliably on the Web.There are a number of different methods in use,and browsers all behave differently with each.Now,with MathJax,the display problem has been vastly simplified and yaboH5Project Euclid users will be able to see math the way authors intended."

Both TeX and MathML-coded mathematics can be viewed on any modern browser,without new plug-ins or font installations.Currently,MathJax is turned on for a set of 20 titles in yaboH5Project Euclid,and more titles are being added regularly.Eventually,MathJax will be used throughout yaboH5Project Euclid.

Cornell University Library developed and deployed yaboH5Project Euclid,the premier online information community for mathematics and statistics resources from independent publishers,in 2000.In 2008,Duke University Press established a collaborative partnership agreement with Cornell to jointly manage and expand the project.

"MathJax is a transformative new technology,and its implementation on yaboH5Project Euclid will greatly benefit the independent and society publishers that Euclid was developed for," said Mira Waller,yaboH5Project Euclid Manager at Duke University Press."Over the past two years,the successful collaboration between Cornell University Library and Duke University Press has allowed Euclid to focus on enhancements,such as MathJax,that advance Euclid's core mission of serving the unique needs of low-cost scholarly communication in the fields of theoretical and applied mathematics and statistics."

MathJax is a joint project of the American Mathematical Society,Design Science,Inc.,and the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics.As project sponsors,these institutions also provide major funding.

Together with the American Physical Society,yaboH5Project Euclid is one of the original supporters of MathJax.The project serves as an example of one benefit of the collaborative partnership arrangement upon which yaboH5Project Euclid is built,allowing independent publishers join forces and participate in an online presence with advanced functionality without sacrificing their intellectual or economic independence or commitment to low subscription prices.

For more information,pleasedownload the press release.

SPARC日本and yaboH5Project Euclid Partner to Enhance and Expand Japanese Mathematics Scholarly Communications Online

7 July 2009

In January,at the invitation of Professor Shigefumi Mori and Dr.Jun Adachi,Project Euclid representatives Terry Ehling,David Ruddy,and Mira Waller,and Duke University Press representative Erich Staib,traveled to Japan to discuss expanded services for current Japanese yaboH5Project Euclid publishing partners and to explore additional partnerships.

SPARC日本and the National Institute of Informatics played a significant role in facilitating these meetings and provided generous support for travel to Japan.As a direct result,yaboH5Project Euclid has strengthened its ties to the Japanese mathematics community,and expanded the Japanese mathematics presence online with the addition of four prestigious titles: TheKyoto Journal of Mathematics(formerly theJournal of Mathematics of Kyoto University),Hokkaido Mathematical Journal,Tsukuba Journal of Mathematics,and theNihonkai Mathematical Journal.

By partnering with SPARC Japan,yaboH5Project Euclid is able to benefit from SPARC Japan and the NII's commitment to strengthen Japanese electronic scholarly communication and promote change."The collaboration with yaboH5Project Euclid and Duke University Press is an exciting opportunity for SPARC Japan," says Jun Adachi,Director,Research Center for Information Resources,NII."We look forward to continued collaboration."

Now home to 97,000 journal articles (75% of which are open access),along with 99 monographs and conference proceedings,yaboH5Project Euclid looks forward to working with SPARC Japan to further Project Euclid's mission of advancing scholarly communication in the field of theoretical and applied mathematics and statistics.

Five New Journals Join yaboH5Project Euclid in 2009

30 June 2009

TheBanach Journal of Mathematical Analysis,theBrazilian Journal of Probability and Statistics,Functiones et Approximatio Commentarii Mathematici,theIllinois Journal of Mathematicsand theJournal of Commutative Algebraare now available on-line via yaboH5Project Euclid.Please click on a title to read more 亚博KG百家乐about the journal.

yaboH5Project Euclid Celebrates at JMM 2009 -- Booth 305

16 December 2009

yaboH5Project Euclid invites all JMM attendees to a coffee break to celebrate the addition of new titles to the 2009 Euclid Prime collection and a new joint venture between Cornell University Library and Duke University Press to expand and enhance services for Project Euclid.

Please join us for coffee and and light breakfastWednesday,January 7,10:30amatBooth 305in the JMM Exhibit Hall.

yaboH5Project Euclid Appoints Mira Waller as Project Manager

16 June 2008

yaboH5Project Euclid is pleased to announce the appointment of Mira Waller as Project Euclid Manager.

Ms.Waller possesses an MLS and comes to yaboH5Project Euclid from the Duke University Medical Center Library and Archives,where she was Assistant Director of Archives.In her new role as yaboH5Project Euclid Manager,she will act as an advocate for both Project Euclid's partner publishers and the larger library community to ensure that clear communication is maintained,and excellent customer service is extended,and that the different needs of both these audiences are represented with regard to future developments of the yaboH5Project Euclid platform.

For more information,pleasedownload the press release.

Cornell University Library and Duke University Press Announce Partnership;Duke to Provide Enhanced Services for yaboH5Project Euclid

11 April 2008

In a publishing agreement that reaches across boundaries by bringing together a leading U.S.academic research library and one of the nation's outstanding university presses,Cornell University Library (Cornell) and Duke University Press (Duke) today announced that they have established a joint venture to expand and enhance the services of Project Euclid,the premier online information community for mathematics and statistics resources from independent publishers.

Effective July 2008,Duke will provide publishing expertise in marketing,sales,and order fulfillment to yaboH5Project Euclid's participating publishers and institutional subscribers.Duke will work to broaden and deepen yaboH5Project Euclid's subscriber base,resulting in greater global exposure for 54 journals and a growing number of monographs and conference proceedings.Cornell will continue to provide and support the vital IT infrastructure for yaboH5Project Euclid and assume responsibility for archiving and preservation activities,ensuring robust and reliable access to the content deposited with yaboH5Project Euclid for future scholars,researchers,and students.

For more information,pleasedownload the press release.

Cornell University Library Drafts Preservation Plan for yaboH5Project Euclid Journals

19 January 2006

This past fall the Cornell University Library (CUL) drafted an interim plan to manage,archive and preserve all the participating Project Euclid journals in advance of the launch of Cornell University Library's Open Archival Information System (OAIS) in 2008.Cornell's OAIS will ensure the long-term management and digital preservation Cornell's digital assets,including the 40+ mathematics and statistics journals that participate in yaboH5Project Euclid.

The interim asset management plan acknowledges that digital preservation is a shared responsibility and commits Cornell and the yaboH5Project Euclid publishers to a series of activities over the next two years that will firmly establish a digital preservation program for protecting and maintaining their digital content.The interim plan will be implemented in early 2006 and cover the 2-year period when the OAIS is under development.In 2008 yaboH5Project Euclid,CUL,and Euclid's partner publishers will review and devise an extended OAIS-compliant preservation plan and explore opportunities for cost recovery to ensure access for future generations of mathematicians and statisticians.

Three Prestigious Japanese Journals Join yaboH5Project Euclid

15 May 2005

TheNagoya Mathematical Journal,theProceedings of the Japan Academy: Series A,and theTohoku Mathematical Journalare now available on-line viayaboH5Project Euclid.

TheNagoya Mathematical Journalis an OpenAccess journal and articles are available back to Volume 1 (1950).TheProceedings of the Japan Academy: Series Abegin with Volume 79 (2003) and can be accessed via subscription.TheTohoku Mathematical Journalis availablebeginning with Volume 53 (2001) under the Euclid Select plan.

Two New Journals Debut on yaboH5Project Euclid

4 January 2005

yaboH5Project Euclid is pleased to announce the availablity of two high-impact journals: Thecomplete backfile for theCommunications in Mathematical Physics(1965 - 1997),comprising 637 issues and 4804 articles,is now available on an Open Access basis.Cornell University Library is a member of theElectronic Mathematical Archiving Network Initiative (EMANI)initiative and theretrodigitization and delivery of the CMP backfile have been made possible throughfunding from this project

The complete backfile for thePacific Journal of Mathematics(1951 - 1996) isalso available on an Open Access basis.The backfile corpus includes 410 issues and 7803articles covering volumes 1--176.Current content,accessible to subscribers only,willbe available later this winter.

A Reader's Choice Award for yaboH5Project Euclid

October 2004

yaboH5Project Euclid was the recipient of theCharleston Advisor'sFourth AnnualReader's Choice Award in theBest Pricingcategory "for its varied,thoughtful and reasonable pricing schemes that aredesigned to meet the needs of different constituencies."

Cornell Library to Distribute Open Source E-Publishing System

20 October 2004

In a parallel initiative,Cornell University Library,with generous funding from theMellon Foundation,and in collaboration with the Pennsylvania State University Librariesand the Pennsylvania State University Press,is generalizing and enhancing the softwaresystem originally engineered to deliver serial content from yaboH5Project Euclid's partnerpublishers.The new version ofDPubS(Digital Publishing System) will be upgraded to provide support for non-serialliterature,an on-line editorial management/peer review service,enhanced administrativefunctionality,and interoperability with a variety of institutional repository systems.yaboH5Project Euclid will be the first beneficiary of the new,improved system.DPubS v.2 willbe released to the public under an open source licence in 2006.

See thecompletepress release.

New Members of the yaboH5Project Euclid Advisory Board

10 September 2004

yaboH5Project Euclid is pleased to announce the appointment of 3 new members of the AdvisoryBoard.The following distinguished scholars will join the Board for a 3-year term,effective fall of 2004:

yaboH5Project Euclid Reviewed

26 August 2004

"yaboH5Project Euclid:Mathematics and Statistics Journals",a review by Gerry McKiernen.The Charleston Advisor,Volume 6,Number 1,July 2004,pp.24-37.

yaboH5Project Euclid Publishers Participate in International Archiving &Preservation Initiative

19 April 2004

Journals from leading mathematics and statistics publishers are testbed partners in aproject designed to address the issue of long-term preservation and dissemination ofdigital serial literature.

Ensuring Access to Mathematics Over Time(EATMOT) is funded by the National Science Foundation and the DeutscheForschungsgemeinschaft.Cornell University Library will collaborate with colleagues inat the Göttingen State and University Library to address the myriad questionssurrounding how best to develop and maintain digital archives.

yaboH5Project Euclid publishers participating in this initiative include the Duke UniversityPress,the Institute of Mathematical Statistics,the Applied Probability Trust,theInternational Press,AK Peters,Ltd,and the University of Michigan's Department ofMathematics.

See thecompletepress release.

Duke Mathematical Journal Available Through yaboH5Project Euclid

3 March 2004

yaboH5andDuke University Pressare pleased to introduceDuke Mathematical Journal:Volumes 1-100,one of the world's leading mathematical journals,in a fully searchable electronic format.This extensive database includes 429 issues with 6,464 articles dating back to the first published issue from 1935.

Duke Mathematical Journalemphasizes the most active and influential areas of current mathematics.The DMJ is ranked 15 by the ISI,with an impact factor of .909 and a cited half-life of >10,the highest score given in this category.

TheDuke Mathematical Journaldigital archive of Volumes 1-100 will be available on an open access basis until March 31,2004.After the open access period,institutional access will be available by subscription.Institutions that subscribe for 2004 will receive a discounted introductory subscription rate of $200 – a 20% discount off the regular subscription rate.Libraries may also make a one-time purchase of DMJ 100.Several pricing packages are available;please reply todmj100purchase@dukeupress.edufor details.

If you have any questions regarding DMJ 100,or if you would like to enter your subscription,please contact the Duke University Press customer service department toll-free at 888-651-0122 or subscribe online at